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Mobile Clinic Hovercraft for the Canadian Arctic

The amphibious capability and high speed of the AHS-24M/MH hovercraft offer a solution to the problem of supplying scattered settlements in the Canadian Arctic with all-year medical services at the clinic level. Thanks to the very high stability of its exclusive lift system technology, this hovercraft can stay operational in all but the severest weather conditions. Also, its low fuel consumption and its low-emissions Hydrogen Injection system make this an environment friendly system.

The AHS-24M/MH has been especially designed for all-year operations on the Canadian Arctic as a fast amphibious mobile clinic. It is equipped with Argos Hover-Systems’ exclusive lift system, which offers very high stability. The standard layout offers a client-usable area of 63 m2 (678 ft2) in addition to 8 passenger seats and the two seats for commander and first officer in the control cabin.

The hull will be made of strong marine aluminium alloys that will resist any possible impacts with ice ridges. Furthermore, the catamaran-like rounded bottom hull forms offer high structural efficiency. Also, its high freeboard provides greater buoyancy and safety.

Propulsion power is provided by three diesel engines and lift power by two smaller diesel engines with a total maximum combined power of 3200 HP. All five engines will comply with US Tier 4f emissions regulations and are also fitted with a Hydrogen Injection system that reduces both carbon and other emissions as well as fuel consumption. With that power this hovercraft can reach a maximum speed of about 45 knots or a cruise speed around 35 knots and even higher speeds over ice.

The wheelhouse or control cabin is located at an elevated position at the front end of the hovercraft, offering 360º visibility. The standard layout has two adjustable seats for the captain and the second officer or navigator. In front of these seats is the control panel, with the instruments, the rudder wheel and the control levers. Also, eight passenger seats are installed on the elevated deck behind the control station.



The main cabin is located between the propulsion and the lift machinery compartments, around the longitudinal centre of the hovercraft. This way the payload lies near the centre of gravity and therefore longitudinal trim is very little affected by variations in the layout and occupation of this cabin. The available area in this cabin for medical services, toilets and galleys is 7.5 m (24 ft 7 in) long and 8.4 m (27 ft 7 in) wide with headroom of about 2 m (6 ft 7 in). Access is through two main doors at their front ends, one on each side of the craft. There are also two emergency exits at the rear end of the cabin. The standard layout features two toilet cabinets at the rear of this cabin, but this layout can be configured following the client’s requirements.

At the front end of the main passenger cabin there is a service area with two toilet cabinets and a small galley area with lockers. Each of the toilet cabinets will be fitted with a toilet and a sink with pressurized fresh water.


Argos Hover-Systems can provide both routine (planned) and corrective maintenance on site at the operational bases of the hovercraft . These services will be provided on the basis of maintenance contracts that can be signed at the same time or at a later date of the main construction and delivery contract.

The maintenance can be carried out either by personnel sent by Argos Hover-Systems or by local personnel trained by our company. Training of the hovercraft maintenance personnel can be done either at our premises in Mexico or in Canada.  Argos Hover-Systems will also provide a list of recommended spare parts to be kept at the hovercraft operational bases. These spare parts are usually included  in the main construction contract and they are delivered together with the hovercraft.